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My name is Mariah and I am who you will be speaking to when you contact Wildlife Wonders Art Blog.
 I also run the project and website.
I'm a vegan animal rights activist.
 I have been working for and with the community since January of 2017, I have attend hundreds of conferences and events through multiple organizations, both pro animal agriculture and con. I'm current doing in depth research on the zoo industry and wildlife in captivity, the issues within nonhuman animal management.  

Reason to Contact Us
  1. Guidance on organizing an event or protest
  2. Information on the zoo industry, or animal agriculture
  3. Correct wrong information of which you have found on my page 
  4. Submit a story, guest blog, or request a story 
  5. Need help finding a lost story, issue, or rescue animal 
  6. Need help with social media and press regarding your event
  7. Looking for emotional support or a community to be apart of 
Time Frame 

We attempt to reply to all emails and contact within 24 hours. Please allow up to 72 hours if the question requires in depth research. If you will like an immediate response or if this is an emergency situation please include that in the contact. 


Up to 500 views a day on the blog and website
5,000 subscribers compared on all social media outlets
Groups range from 20,000- 200,000 or more members


Mailing Address:
715 NW Hoyt Street #6836
Portland, Oregon


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