About Me: The Author And Creator Of Wildlife Wonders Art And Wildlife In Captivity 

"We see you
We are trying
we are sorry" 

Dairy cow on her way to the slaughterhouse inside of a transport truck, a mother.

Wildlife Wonders Art Blog and it's sub title, group and project WildLife In Captivity is a website and blog created by a single individual in Portland, Oregon. She is a member within the local and global vegan animal rights activist community. Her goal with her two projects Wildlife Wonders Art and Wildlife In Captivity to spread awareness and truth about the cattle, dairy, dog, pet, cat, circus and zoo industry. Here we can talk about and discuss what takes place behind the glass and slaughterhouse walls, why we as humans decide that we have the right to abuse animals, both wild and domesticated and the horrors that our purchasing powers support within the nonhuman animal for profit industry that thrives across the globe and what we as a human society can do to stop the mass abuse, health hazards, and cruelty towards both humans and nonhuman animals. 

James Aspey doing vegan animal rights outreach in Portland, Oregon


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