Zoo Industry Ideas

Zoo Industry Ideas 
In July of 2018 hand raised lions are being mass murdered while being held in captivity in north of Pretoria.
Owners of the predatory park claim they breed and hand raise for "Conservation" efforts.
This brings up two facts.
1. There is no conservation efforts when it comes to breeding wildlife in captivity
2. In order to protect wild animals, we need to protect them exactly where they and ensure humans can not get close to them.
"Six lions died over the weekend when pesticide-laced chicken meat is believed to have been thrown into their enclosure at a wildlife park north of Pretoria over the weekend, the third known mass poisoning in three months.
"The heads and some of the paws of the lions had been cut off and removed, usually an indication that the perpetrators behind the attack were intending to sell the parts to criminal gangs feeding a growing demand for black magic."
Additional zoo points:  The zoo industry is a form of specisism and …

Zoo Deaths And Breeding

Zoo Deaths And Breeding
The zoo portrays themselves to media and the public though newspapers ads, radio, news stations, commercials and other forums of outreach with costly and time consuming marketing strategies as a group of individuals, a non profit who's goal is to help wildlife, to love animals, and who works harder each and every day to save the planet. The zoo, animal entertainment and wildlife in captivity industries lie. They lie to their employees, they lie to and during to their fundraisers and worst of all they lie to the public, their guest, and to the media who portrays them as hero. One of the lies that they tell us that we are mass breeding elephants, elephants who will never be outside of captive gates is a good thing, it is saving the species. The zoo promotes this ideology through wasting money on marketing when the money could be used to protect wildlife, to remain just that, wild.

The elephants are some of the worst treated victims when it comes to keeping wild…

Zoo Exibits And What Wild Animals Care About

Zoo Exibits And What Wild Animals Care About The zoo industry and how it is for guests, not animals. Giraffes On Monday June 4th Muziki, a 20-year-old giraffe who was born and raised in captivity, who birthed 4 other babies, who is currently located and being held at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado brought into the world a new baby and helped the zoo welcome the 200th baby giraffe calf who was born at the Colorado Zoo.  200, A high number with a high money value.  This new born baby giraffe  was designed and brought into the world to live a life of captivity for profits and human entertainments. This baby giraffe who was soon named penny by a public vote was breed into the world on purpose by human choices. The voting party is part of the huge planned and known marketing ploy that gains the zoo attention and of course, money. All new born baby animals bring the zoo money, and it is the job of the zoo, the zoo staff and keepers to make each and every moment of the li…

The Animal Agricultural Moral Myths

Animals Do Not Have Souls 
the ideology that nonhumans have no sentiments
One of the largest, boldest and most common statements that animal activist come across and hear in discussions is that: “Animals do not have souls” this statement is often yelled out in defense with no truth to their words or further communication towards and against animal right activist during conversations about the meat and animal by-product industry, large for profit retailers and farms.  The argumentative, highly controversial, and often confrontational statement and ideology that nonhuman animals don’t have souls is widely publicized, outspoken, and outdated. This statement is given to dogs in many countries. In the United States of America is it often associated, stereotyped and a title given to pigs, cows, sheep, livestock, and other nonhuman animals. It comes from a place of personal morals, education, culture, lack of truth and the motivation to see the truth with our own senses. We, humans, the publi…

Keeping Wildlife In Captivity: Issues Within The Zoo

Keeping Wildlife In Captivity: Issues Within The ZooWhy Keeping Wildlife In Captivity Is Wrong Within The Zoo Industry
The zoo industry has one purpose and goal: To entertain the public using wildlife in captivity. 
With this goal comes an additional goal to be made by the employees of the zoo and wildlife in captivity industry this goal is of the lines of "Successfully keeping wild animals in zoos and aquariums." with this goal in mind It is important to ensure the animals look and appear healthy even when they are not. Part of keeping wildlife appearing healthy is total control of their diets when they eat and how. Though there is little to zero research on how wildlife eats, or even what the animals in their wild environments consume. Also, there is a lack of means (care) to supply wildlife in captivity with what their wild friends would consume. In zoos and aquariums, wildlife is fed what is created and produced for human consumption such as seeds, fruits, and vegetables whi…