Zoo Exhibits And Their Purpose


Are For

Not for animals 

Zoo Exhibit

The zoo has designed their walls and structured their animal "Habitats" and interior lives to make humans believe that they are "part" of the exhibit, but also to "see" the primates, zebras, lions, tigers, and other exotic wildlife and alive wild animals act in a way that the zoo wants. The zoo makes us, as a society, as guests, as customers, as money making machines all feel as if we have left the loud cars, busy lives and industrial glass buildings of the city. The zoo industry as a whole makes the guest forget that they are still within the city limits. This was by fault, not by accident. A marketing scheme that works in the zoo industry's favor, not for the animals of which it holds. Designing a habitat with earthy tones and fake trees does nothing for nonhuman animals since color is just that, color. The walls, the smells, the screams, the illness is still there.  Leaving fake trees, fake grass, paint the grass green and leaving out the loud and scary city noise is all part of the plan, the plan of making the guest believe that they are receiving an intimidate and safe bond with an exotic and dangerous animal, when in reality they are getting nothing but a structured ideology that keeps wild animals in captivity.
By doing this practice, creating an atmosphere designed with the guest needs in mind. The zoo guest will continue to  care about where the specific and individual animals come from, if the animals came from the zoo and were told that the only way to see the animals was to continue their breeding program within in the zoo. the money and excitement will remain zoo, and not wildlife.

Like a prison guard at a tower we as humans are able to study animals,  design their life, tell them when they eat, how to eat, what they will eat, when they sleep, where they sleep and even when they will die. Humans and society have decided the amount of suffering of which nonhuman wild zoo animals gets to endure, not the individual or the species themselves.
conservation is in zoo, not out because if it was out... the zoo would no longer exist.....


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