Wild Animals Are Not Traveling Companions

tiger skins from the trophy hunting industry on display
tiger skins on display

Wild Animals Are Not Traveling Companions

"the exotic pet trade"

  There is a wild animal farm located in rural Portland, Oregon. The farm houses, buys, sells and breeds more than 70 species of wild animals. Wild animals are being used not only as a private families pet's but also as a form of monetary gain and entertainment for a business that is bringing in profits of over 300,000.00 a year according to their public tax records. The family farm hides behind their legal, outdated and grandfathered title of a non-profit which they received before strict laws were put in place to prevent keeping wild animals as pets. The farm owners were given the license and permission from the state of Oregon to keep wild animals on their rented property because at the time of when they applied to be legal care takers, the family was rescuing abandoned pets, wild and even endangered animals. These days the family is the ones who are causing, maintaining, and exploiting the horrific abuse. I witnessed the abuse, saw the dirty cages, old food the animals were forced to digest and have spoken to the owners. I will be speaking, writing and talking about this farm and family on many occasions in the future through many outlets without mentioning their names because I do not wish to bring them publicity, and also this is not the only private farm in the United States Of America which is holding, breeding, and showing obscure, horrible, abuse to wild and endangered animals for the single purpose of monetary gain. My goal and inspirations are to educate the public on what happens when you remove a baby tiger from his mother and his litter mates, also failing to provide a healthy diet and veterinary care. This organization has the audacity to ask the public for a monetary fee in exchange for a picture with a baby tiger that was stolen from his mother's den. The farm openly admits to administrating a sleeping cocktail created and given to the wild animals, a wide range collection of tigers, lions, bob cats, snakes, turtles, and other forms of rare and sometimes even endangered wildlife before being packaged as a retail supplier would for the newest baby doll toy in the local children's store, and then proceed on their travels up and down the west coast in what they would call and convince their small group of supports a peaceful and non-stress situation. This is a business, it is nothing but a large scale wild animal breeding farm outsourced and located in Portland, Oregon which uses wild animals to feed their human greed.

Ask Questions
   Humans by nature are selfish creatures. When human emotions such as selfishness turn into an unnecessary evil I believe it is time to rethink our beliefs as a society and to start asking questions:
  1.    Does anyone stop to think about the mother and how her mental state is? (All animals will go through a period of stress that can cause permanent mental damage after the loss of a child.)    
  2.    Where is the mother Tiger? (In the wild tigers roam 6 - 12 miles a night.)                                               
  3.    How hard did the mother tiger scream when she witnessed her cub being pulled apart from her den? (Up to 110 decibels.)                                                                                                                 
  4. Where are the litter mates? (Tiger cubs and litter mates in the wild stay together for 2.5 years)  
  5. Who has purchased the siblings and how are they being properly cared for? ( Tigers have been known to hunt sloths in the wild.)                                                                                                           
  6. Where does the money go from the pictures with the public if the farm does not believe that wild animals belong in the wild? (When the company's belief system states that animals do not belong in the wild, it is knowingly and actively ruining the earth's eco-system which is leading the destruction of the wild animal populations.)                                                                                   
  7. Why are the press and public not allowed to see the cages of which the wild and endangered animals are being kept? (Often times animal abusers do not allow the public to see the cages because they are hiding damming evidence of the abuse, though abuse can be witnessed and captured while being shipped and traveled with city to city)                                                               
  8. How many animals are on the property? (There are over 70 species, but not a known number of individual wild animals.)                                                                                                                      
  9. If there are vets, Who are they and what are they certified in? (There are no known veterinarian's living on the property, and the animal care takers are proudly self-taught)              
  10. Where do the wild animals originally come from? (Wild caught to be forced to breed at the farm.)
There is nothing educational, there is nothing loving, and there is nothing but greed in the wild animal entertainment breeding farm business, especially if they operate out of Portland, Oregon.

What We Can Do 

Get Loud: We all have a voice, speak to your friends, your family, your co workers. Share on social media this post, connect with your community. 
Get Involved: Join your local animal activist groups. 
Get Educated: Learn about your local laws and regulation on keeping wild animals as pets and the horrors of the private entertainment business.

roadside zoo displays tiger
roadside tiger


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