Goats At Auction House And 4H Events

Goats Being Sold At Auction For Human Selfish Desires


Are Not

For Us



Often times while speaking to the ones who act in carnsim I hear that "Goats are livestock, they have a job to do and were not breed to be loved."
While I was documenting a livestock auction the heard of goats captured below were separated. Each farmer wanted 2 - 3 heads. Each farmer only wanted the heads of the biggest individuals so that the farmer can profit off of their death.
While the goats were being separated, they screamed for each other.
People who act in carnism are correct, goats are raised for the sole purpose of profits and consumption.
Dear Carnist,
If I captured an auction for dogs, would you laugh at their pain?
It's terrifying to me that I live in a world surrounded by other humans who believe we can abuse goats, but when the same acts of abuse are put on a dog we not only want to help, but we as a society have put laws into place to prevent abuse and use the police as a tool to stop the suffering of dogs.
For goats?
I witnessed an audience of 75 individuals who laughed at their pain and screams as they begged for human mercy and compassion.


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