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The Marketing Game: How To Raise A Zoo Keeper 

As I am continuing to study the zoo and wildlife in captivity industry, I'm constantly shocked at the hidden, and even taught marketing industry within the zoo. How deep and broad their game goes, their marketing strategy begs for money to fill the pockets of the elite with each and every cry to the media that they make, but also the zoo industry has a detailed map and agenda in recruitment for trusted zookeepers, this recruitment starts at guests parents and is targeted at the children. Their events may scream "family fun" but the zoo keepers are getting paid to recruit your children and were picked to do their jobs by how well they are able to do so. 
I understand that this sound insane, that I am insane, that I am making this up. I wish I was making this up. I really do, but this is the truth and this is what is going on around us and within the zoo industry. 
Let me end the night with a scenario that I learned about today while I was sitting at a coffee shop studying the American zoo industry, this situation is common and in fact, taught in college textbooks that are meant to be read by students who are entering the zookeeper and zoo management field.. This is a training manual as one would say about how to recruit children to be zookeepers when they are old enough to do so....
Let's say that my local city zoo that is run by the American Zoo Association allows children under the age of 10 years old to feed a giraffe.
The zookeeper is well kept, young, female, pretty and has a history of small acting roles that paid for her college degree. Her enthusiasm, excitement, and joy is something that even an adult would inspire to be.
The young child does not have a lot of responsibilities at home, she even gets scolded when she accidentally knocks over a glass and breaks it while attempting to help her mother with the dishes for mother's day.
While the young girl is feeding the giraffe the zookeeper praises the child, reminds the child that giraffes are endangered and we have to protect wild animals, care for wild animals and by this experience of feeding wildlife the young child feels important and proud.
As the child leaves the event there are hand sanitizers directly outside of the gates. A sign that the event is over, and that the only safe and clean way to be with or care for wildlife in such a way is within captivity, the zoo.
The young child grows up to be a zookeeper, but not until the family pays thousands of dollars over the next 10 years to the zoo industry to breed and kill more animals for profits.


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