Exotic Bird Expo

Exotic Bird Expo 

baby parrots as pets

two white parrots
are victims

man at exotic pet expo
of puppy mill like mass breeding operations

baby sun conure

Teenage African Grey Parrot
don't shop

ere is a comment from a friend of mine left on the Facebook post, a comment of which I find is important and powerful.

"Parrots are a 25 year minimum commitment, for small ones! No one who isn't prepared to care for one should be able to just walk off with a bird with such specific care needs. I worked at petsmart for 5 years. I cant even count the conversations I had to have with people who wanted to cram anything from hamsters to birds into the smallest possible CAGE just to be cheap. And the fact that over half the cages available are entirely inappropriate in size and design. Exotic shows and sales are horrible ways to make money off animals who deserve betters lives. They arent profits or props or decorations, they live and breathe and suffer stress and loneliness. Go to a preserve, rescue don't shop. Put a stop to these practices."

Please do not purchase your nonhuman companions, adopt don't shop.


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