Elephant Breeding In The Zoo Industry

zoo keeper and bull hook with the elephants
Zoo Keeper And Bull Hook 

Zoo Deaths And Captive Breeding

The zoo portrays themselves to media and the public though newspapers ads, radio, news stations, commercials and other forums of outreach with costly and time consuming marketing strategies as a group of individuals, a non profit who's goal is to help wildlife, to love animals, and who works harder each and every day to save the planet. The zoo, animal entertainment and wildlife in captivity industries lie. They lie to their employees, they lie to and during to their fundraisers and worst of all they lie to the public, their guest, and to the media who portrays them as hero. One of the lies that they tell us that we are mass breeding elephants, elephants who will never be outside of captive gates is a good thing, it is saving the species. The zoo promotes this ideology through wasting money on marketing when the money could be used to protect wildlife, to remain just that, wild.

The elephants are some of the worst treated victims when it comes to keeping wildlife in captivity. Breeding elephants in captivity does nothing for wild elephants and it does nothing for the elephants that are currently being kept as a a breeding factory, a baby making factory, elephants, a sentient being, a species that lives among us in our fragile planet and ecosystem, who we can argue has a far more deeper capacity and a highly level of sentient than even humans. While the zoo wants to and continues to claim that they are for the animals, that animal care comes first, that their industry goals is to "protect wildlife" and "conserve nature" they also can not be breeding elephants in captivity for the sole purpose of profits, birthday parties, gender reveals, holidays, gifts, books, pictures, this is all part of their marketing game and it is all about making money for the zoo, so that the zoo can make more money and breed more elephants who will make them more money.  At this rate we need to be using our time, effort and resources in protecting wild elephants. There is a better way, a more sustainable way to protect elephants. We have to stop breeding and using elephants in captivity today before it is too late.

Chendra Oregon Zoo Elephant
Chendra At The Oregon Zoo Doing Tricks For Food 


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