Zoo Industry Ideas

Zoo Industry Ideas 

In July of 2018 hand raised lions are being mass murdered while being held in captivity in north of Pretoria.

Owners of the predatory park claim they breed and hand raise for "Conservation" efforts.

This brings up two facts.

1. There is no conservation efforts when it comes to breeding wildlife in captivity

2. In order to protect wild animals, we need to protect them exactly where they and ensure humans can not get close to them.

"Six lions died over the weekend when pesticide-laced chicken meat is believed to have been thrown into their enclosure at a wildlife park north of Pretoria over the weekend, the third known mass poisoning in three months.

"The heads and some of the paws of the lions had been cut off and removed, usually an indication that the perpetrators behind the attack were intending to sell the parts to criminal gangs feeding a growing demand for black magic."

Additional zoo points: 
The zoo industry is a form of specisism and domination
Humans do not have the right to be in the presence of giraffes and elephants 
Humans do not have the right to breed these animals.
Humans do not have the right to pay money to see living and sentient beings walk in circles, an act that they play every single day of their lives.
Animals do not need our protection, they need our absence.

One doctor who knows what she does is wrong and worthless, but believes that it is okay to keep wildlife captive as long as we are doing medical and mental experiments (Making them go crazy) Or medical research (Anti psychotic drug testing)  who works in the zoo industry believes that humans do not have the right to merge with animals under any circumstances, unless it is for research purposes and will not have the conversation of animal rights VS Animal welfare VS wildlife in captivity unless science(s) are the root.

 If you are against animal testing. 
You need to be against the zoo industry.

The zoo is an industry that creates and sells "Breeders" so that someone else can breed someone else so that humans can be entertained and claim it is a good thing.
Claim that the zoo is saving the species.
 Claiming that they are safe from poaching.

I witnessed a a live bid on the most beautiful bird that I have ever seen in my life and to my knowledge, there is nothing that I can do about it.
Do you know what did this?
The zoo industry did this.
Don't you dare think for a second that the zoo is anything else but the exotic pet trade.
This is the exotic pet trade, a part of the zoo industry.
The exotic pet trade is the zoo industry, but the zoo gets legal protections for doing what they do.

There is no such thing as a better zoo.

There are no conservation efforts in this.

This is not saving the species.

This is not conservation.

This is the zoo industry, an industry to buys, sells, and breed wildlife in captivity for the sole purpose of profits and entertainments.

Tigers in captivity are fed a "humanized" diet.
Beef that was created for human consumption.
In the wild tigers would never consume cattle, and if they did it would not be same cattle that was bread for human consumption.

The zoo industry "Trys" to care for their tigers.
Try to care VS care are two very different things

The Water

1. The water is not natural, but that is because nothing in captivity is.
2. You can argue that the water was made for humans, since the water is coming from city pipes we are subjecting wildlife in captivity to humanized products, including their water
3. In order to receive fresh and clean water one would have to drain the pool and start over again, since filters could never clean the tank walls.
4. Human divers often jump into the tanks and large bodies of water to clean the walls and mirrors, subjecting the animals to human germs and health risks because of the products used in the cleaning supplies and what is naturally occurring on human skin and human products, in the wild these animals would never be in contact with humans.
5. The smells of the water is not normal, in the wild animals are able to swim around and the currents are naturally pushing new water in and old water out, but in captivity the animals and the water have no where to go, so the animals are constantly breathing in and swimming in water that they themselves do not want to be swimming in
6. The water is tested for "health" levels, but if you check out the AZA website the nonhuman animal care handbooks are only supplied to a few species, for example: The safe water levels for a polar bear would be considered the same saftey levels of an alligator in some cases,  which just is not true at all.
7. Not the correct water temperature, because water is never a constant and these animals swim for miles and miles in tje wild, having the whole tank be one single temperature is just not real.

None of it is real.
It's all fake.
All of it

Empty The Cages

Zoos are considered public space in one way or another, as in the land is owned by the people instead of someone and/or the word public in this sense means customers are allowed to enter
Zoo animals are considered property, they are licenced, tagged, regulated and owned. Sometimes we have so much documentation of the animals that we know multiple generations of the specific animal
To remove zoo animals the push needs to be for releasing the animals to a private open land that is closed to the public that is wild VS the humanized structures of which the zoo industry is.
To be serious about releasing the animals back into the wild as much as possible...
Pick out individuals animals, find out who owns them and which regulations that they are protected by and/or held back by. The first step will be to ask the zoo to release ownership and all lineage history, anything and everything, including past owners, sexual partners, medical history, licences, protections, names, tracking devices, ect then find a legal space or create a privatized space for them that is for the animals and not for the humans.
I see a lot of comments from people in general far and wide asking for the release of zoo animals, realistically we as a society are not there yet.
I'm currently pushing for two things which I am confident in my ability to push, yet are subject to change as I dig deeper into my research within the zoo industry

1. Stop in house breeding
2. Adopt a vegan menu
Thank you for speaking out for wildlife in captivity in the way that you personally find helpful

The only person who is missing in the zoo is a human.
Though it would be wrong for me not to share this situation as best as I can.


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