Zoo Exibits And What Wild Animals Care About

Zoo Exibits And What Wild Animals Care About 

The zoo industry and how it is for guests, not animals.


On Monday June 4th Muziki, a 20-year-old giraffe who was born and raised in captivity, who birthed 4 other babies, who is currently located and being held at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colorado brought into the world a new baby and helped the zoo welcome the 200th baby giraffe calf who was born at the Colorado Zoo.  200, A high number with a high money value.  This new born baby giraffe  was designed and brought into the world to live a life of captivity for profits and human entertainments. This baby giraffe who was soon named penny by a public vote was breed into the world on purpose by human choices. The voting party is part of the huge planned and known marketing ploy that gains the zoo attention and of course, money. All new born baby animals bring the zoo money, and it is the job of the zoo, the zoo staff and keepers to make each and every moment of the life of a new born as profitable as she or he can before the next baby arrives. On Wednesday June 13th the zoo made the decision to separate baby Penny from  her mother because Penny was found "splayed" on the ground, Penny will now no longer have the opportunity to stand with her mother's help because the zoo keepers will now be raising her away from her mother in her own closure that is similar to a life raised within captive solitary confinement. 

A baby giraffe does not care about a name, votes, money, all he or she does care about is living a life of freedom. What we should be asking is why. Why are we having this happen in 2018? We no longer need to be breeding any animals for human selfish desires, we no longer need to be keeping wildlife in captivity, in fact we never did.  What we could be doing is using all of this money that is being raised for a baby giraffe that will never see freedom and putting that money into protecting wild animals who will never be captive brought, bought, sold or breed.

Sea Lions

Ty the sea lion, a wild sea animal who wants nothing more but to be wild was bred into existence, he was designed for human's selfish desires and profits in mind. He was born at Sea world, their San Diego, CA location in 2001. He was trained to do tricks for human entertainments and profits, his whole life he was trained to work for food and to be surrounded by loud noise and unruly children and family for profits and entertainment purposes. Ty was never meant to live in the wild, because being born in captivity means a life long career that humans decided to abuse and use for profits, and will never be allowed to be in the wild where he would then be allowed to act like the species that he is and exhibit behaviors that he was created to do because doing so would lead to a loss of profits and see world would have to admit that they made a mistake designing him, and using him.  While being held captive he has lost his eye sight due to cataracts. Every single nonhuman exotic and wild animal that is held captive lives a life of cruelty, because everything that happens in captivity is not natural, because captivity it self is not.  He is currently being held at Shedd aquarium located in Chicago, IL with only 3 other Sea Lions. 
In the wild sea lions live among thousands, dive up to 600 feet in search for food and can swim up to 25 miles per hour.
Here he is entertaining guests for profits. Humans decided to give him a birthday party with cake and decorations. 
Sea Lions don't care about their birthday and paper banners.
They care about wildlife.

Amur Leopards

Two Chicago based leopard cubs reached the news headlines today across the country to remind the people of the public  that two leopard cubs breed and born in captivity are still doing okay. In this silly marketing game and planned strategy we as a society are reminded that that they are still in good health, according to the paid zoo vet. I have some questions: like.....why do we need to be reminded that the zoo has two new leopards? And why do we need to know that they are still in good health months after their birth? This is a question everyone needs to be asking themselves, because if you think that the zoo is doing anything good for the leopards, wildlife, pubic or for animals  in general, you are nothing but wrong. Please remember and open your eyes to the truth,  the zoo gets paid for as long as these cubs peek general public interest, as long as these cubs reach headline news, as long as these cubs stay cute and as long as the public pays for their birthday parties, shares their images, talk about them and knows their name, these cubs will live and will be in the spot light and will show the zoo that breeding in captivity is justified. Remember that these cubs will never be released back into the wild, these cubs will grow up and be forced to breed with who the zoo says, then their cubs will never see the wild either. These cubs, for the rest of their life will be told what to eat, how to eat it, when to sleep, who they will mate with and where they will go, in fact they will also be told when they will die, they will die much sooner if they stop selling tickets, having their images shared or when the public stops caring.  

Their mother Lisa, age 7 and their father 8 year old Kasha came to the Chicago, IL zoo in the year of 2013. Lisa came from a zoological park and Kasha came all the way from France, flown, and received the psychological damage that comes from putting an  exotic species on a plane for the sole purpose of breeding, entertainment and money. they welcome two new leopard cubs at the beginning of April. The cubs were quickly put on display and guests were in love, spent money to see the cubs and were brought to believe that the reason why the cubs were bred was to "protect the species" within the walls of the Brookfield zoo located in Chicago, Illinois.

 Two Amur leopard cubs are being welcomes into captivity, they were designed, born and will die in captivity for the sole purpose of profits. The cubs are now in their 8th week of life and the zoo vets, who are paid by the entrance fees of the zoo claim that the leopards are doing well in captivity.

Zoo Exhibit

The zoo has designed their walls and structured their animal "Habitats" and interior lives to make humans believe that they are "part" of the exhibit, but also to "see" the primates, zebras, lions, tigers, and other exotic wildlife and alive wild animals act in a way that the zoo wants. The zoo makes us, as a society, as guests, as customers, as money making machines all feel as if we have left the loud cars, busy lives and industrial glass buildings of the city. The zoo industry as a whole makes the guest forget that they are still within the city limits. This was by fault, not by accident. A marketing scheme that works in the zoo industry's favor, not for the animals of which it holds. Designing a habitat with earthy tones and fake trees does nothing for nonhuman animals since color is just that, color. The walls, the smells, the screams, the illness is still there.  Leaving fake trees, fake grass, paint the grass green and leaving out the loud and scary city noise is all part of the plan, the plan of making the guest believe that they are receiving an intimidate and safe bond with an exotic and dangerous animal, when in reality they are getting nothing but a structured ideology that keeps wild animals in captivity.
By doing this practice, creating an atmosphere designed with the guest needs in mind. The zoo guest will continue to  care about where the specific and individual animals come from, if the animals came from the zoo and were told that the only way to see the animals was to continue their breeding program within in the zoo. the money and excitement will remain zoo, and not wildlife.

Like a prison guard at a tower we as humans are able to study animals,  design their life, tell them when they eat, how to eat, what they will eat, when they sleep, where they sleep and even when they will die. Humans and society have decided the amount of suffering of which nonhuman wild zoo animals gets to endure, not the individual or the species themselves.
conservation is in zoo, not out because if it was out... the zoo would no longer exist.....

Zoo Keepers Playing God With Wild Zoo Animals 

Everything that happens in the zoo industry, an industry and business model that Is designed to hold wildlife in captivity is decide by humans for humans, with only profits and entertainment as the core goal (first and foremost).  The zoo calculates and decides for another species that was put behind glass because we as humans deiced that we have the born right to dominate others for our selfish desires.  The zoo keepers and employees decide when the wild and often times captive breed zoo animal’s sleeps, eats, goes outside, who they mate with, when they are born, when they die, where they go, and who they know. In fact, the zoo had so much control over the wild animals of which they profit from that the zoo can now decide which illness and life threatening conditions these animals are born with. A well knowing, but little cared about fact that is often times clouded over in our busy minds is that there is a is a mass breeding scandal within the zoo, behind the glass. If guest knew the truth or could open their eyes and minds for a single moment the zoo would not be in profits today and allowed to continue to do what they do to wild animals in captivity. When it comes to breeding wildlife, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but before we can get the answers to these questions we need to be aware that the zoo is in fact breeding animals, zoo animals that will remain zoo animals from the moment that are they artificially conceived until the moment that they die.  When it comes to the animals and wildlife that the zoo keepers, trainers, vets and directors claim to care about their lives are planned and decided, most of the time this, the choices, the money, the sentient being lives their whole life in man made in a concreate jungle. Creating, designing and maintain a concrete jungle for wild zoo animals is not only not safe to the humans, guests, and animals but is also a dangerous game of playing God. Everything that happens to wildlife in captivity is not natural because captivity in itself is not. When breeding, buying and selling exotic nonhuman animals in the zoo industry and promoting wildlife in captivity you are now not only playing God but are creating medical conditions that thrive in a unnatural environment. Nonhuman animals are genetically deformed suffer from overcrowding, malnutrition, expose to elements and disease that they normally would never come into contact with if they were allowed to live in their wild and natural environment.


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3. Ask your friends and family to visit a vegan animal sanctuary and to donate the money that they would have spent for the zoo entrance fee to the sanctuary


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