Zoo Deaths And Breeding

Zoo Deaths And Breeding

The zoo portrays themselves to media and the public though newspapers ads, radio, news stations, commercials and other forums of outreach with costly and time consuming marketing strategies as a group of individuals, a non profit who's goal is to help wildlife, to love animals, and who works harder each and every day to save the planet. The zoo, animal entertainment and wildlife in captivity industries lie. They lie to their employees, they lie to and during to their fundraisers and worst of all they lie to the public, their guest, and to the media who portrays them as hero. One of the lies that they tell us that we are mass breeding elephants, elephants who will never be outside of captive gates is a good thing, it is saving the species. The zoo promotes this ideology through wasting money on marketing when the money could be used to protect wildlife, to remain just that, wild.

The elephants are some of the worst treated victims when it comes to keeping wildlife in captivity. Breeding elephants in captivity does nothing for wild elephants and it does nothing for the elephants that are currently being kept as a a breeding factory, a baby making factory, elephants, a sentient being, a species that lives among us in our fragile planet and ecosystem, who we can argue has a far more deeper capacity and a highly level of sentient than even humans. While the zoo wants to and continues to claim that they are for the animals, that animal care comes first, that their industry goals is to "protect wildlife" and "conserve nature" they also can not be breeding elephants in captivity for the sole purpose of profits, birthday parties, gender reveals, holidays, gifts, books, pictures, this is all part of their marketing game and it is all about making money for the zoo, so that the zoo can make more money and breed more elephants who will make them more money.  At this rate we need to be using our time, effort and resources in protecting wild elephants. There is a better way, a more sustainable way to protect elephants. We have to stop breeding and using elephants in captivity today before it is too late.

Their Names And What We Have Done

Palla's Cat

The Pallas's cat is a small wild cat with a grey colored coat who lives in Central Asia. They are labeled as endangered since 2002 and face extinction because of habitat degradation, hunting and their lack of being unable to fight back large prey animals. The palla's cat is similar in size and characteristics to a domestic cat, one that you would keep inside of your home though as much more likely to hunt and kill your other pet companion than a house cat would. 


Micha is a Palla's cat that is currently being held captive inside of the Birmingham zoo located in Birmingham, AL. She is the by product of artificial insemination and now is a victim of it...
Artificial insemination within the zoo industry is a unjustified, not necessary, for profit medical procedure. Not only are the zoo keepers and zoo industry playing the role of Jesus Christ each and every time an animal is designed, breed and born within the zoo, but when it comes to artificial insemination these animals to be born are picked by the very egg and sperm that will create an animal. Pregnancy is almost a 100 percent chance when designing a baby though artificial insemination. Once this cat is born, the cat will never be released in the wild, releasing animals, or attempting to protect wildlife in their natural habitat is not the zoo's goal or plan. The zoo's one and only goal is to make money, to sell stories and to cover up their evil ways with ideology and terms that scream "conservation" when in reality, conservation is elaboration love cover up story. Their plan is to breed animals and the stud book for individual species can be up to, or even longer planned into 100 years in the future. These cats and exotic species are to be held captive and forced bred for as long as the zoo customers support it. When Micha has her kitten the baby will be given a birthday party, tickets will be sold in her name and all will be celebrated. What will never be told is how much planning went into her birth, and how the only reason why she was born was to be a money maker, a story, for the zoo to sell, to sell tickets, to make fans and to bring in more customers. Once the human population no longer cares for the zoo and their barbarian artificial insemination tactics we will find a better way to conserve and protect the species.


Popsy, a rare and white female tiger was breed and created to be a favorite member of the species and special program within the zoo industry and marketing game that they enjoy playing. The members of of the  zoo ambassador program, a program designed to make the zoo money based on the idea and systems that if the zoo gave the guests a lot of information about some of the individual animals, those animals will make the zoo the most money since they, the human guests of the zoo environment will be able to form a fan base for the animals and in return the animal will be praised and millions of dollars will be donated to the zoo to continue their in house breeding and marketing programs. She was designed, created and planned to be on the top of all advertisements and marketing situations for the future, while she was alive and now even in death. They are still and will always be making money off of Popsy. She was born and raised to be a captive for a multiple reasons, mostly for money since if the zoo is not making money they will have no reason to open their doors the next day. And who is the easiest person to make money off of? A rare and beautiful white tiger, her siblings faced the same fate in life. It was her job  as a white female tiger to promote her species, to make money and for people to know her name. Her life depended on how well she can make the zoo guest care about tigers, her life would have ended at a much sooner rate if she was unable to sell tickets.  Popsy was a white female tiger who was bred and born in Nashville then came to the Cincinnati zoo in June of 1996  she was then killed by zoo officials on June 21, 2018 after a recent diagnoses with oral cancer. The decisions to kill Popsy was not a medical one, but an official business one. The zoo makes a decision to put down a sick or dying animal, not for health reasons, not for quality of life but because Popy was no long selling tickets and her medical expenses, care and love would have taken too much out of the zoo budget. The zoo is current using Popsy's death as a marketing scheme, each and every article that is written about her death and life is to include that the average tiger lifespan is 15-20 years old, this fact does not hide from why she was really killed. Just because popsy lived to be 22, does not meant that she was at the point in her life that she needed to be killed by a zoo vet. One that is paid to care for animals, who's paycheck comes from ticket sales and who guest and customers choose which animals to support, love and care for.   


Drogon, A 2-year-old Male cheetah.

He was born at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas (A breeding facility that mimics factory farming) He joined the Kansas City Zoo with his litter mates, Viserion and Rhaegal, in February 2017.

He died Sunday June 10th, 2018. And no one knows why. 
Maybe he was killed on purpose. 
Here are some of the reasons why the zoo kills.

1. Surplus animals.
2. Didn't meet the genes that humans needed for him to breed.
3. Cost too much to keep
4. No one cared enough to see him slowly dying in captivity. 

The zoo industry has yet to tell anyone how he was found. Who found him. Whatever the reason, how he died, where he found, the cause of illness that lead to his sudden death, he was never meant to be born and raised within the zoo industry and his death was not natural because everything that happens in captivity and the wildlife behind glass is not.  
This is a pretty disgusting situation and I do believe that event he strongest zoo supporters can agree. Let us all take a really good look at this situation, to really take a moment and think about this and what is going on when we as humans decided that we have the right to breed wildlife in captivity for selfish desires and profits and could the zoo, how could we a society allow this to happen and how the zoo has no idea how they ended up with a dead 2 year old large cat. 
How can you not know?
Hold on. 
I need to make sure that my dog is still alive an well, because I guess animals just DIE all of the sudden with no warnings or answers.


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2. Ask your local zoo to stop breeding wildlfie in captivity
3. Ask your friends and family to visit a vegan animal sanctuary and to donate the money that they would have spent for the zoo entrance fee to the sanctuary


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