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Animals Do Not Have Souls 

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One of the largest, boldest and most common statements that animal activist come across and hear in discussions is that: “Animals do not have souls” this statement is often yelled out in defense with no truth to their words or further communication towards and against animal right activist during conversations about the meat and animal by-product industry, large for profit retailers and farms.  The argumentative, highly controversial, and often confrontational statement and ideology that nonhuman animals don’t have souls is widely publicized, outspoken, and outdated. This statement is given to dogs in many countries. In the United States of America is it often associated, stereotyped and a title given to pigs, cows, sheep, livestock, and other nonhuman animals. It comes from a place of personal morals, education, culture, lack of truth and the motivation to see the truth with our own senses. We, humans, the public are in a constant denial of the truth and believe in statements such as “animals do not have souls” for multiple reasons. 

One of the ways that the American and world human populations have made it accepted to believe that animals do not have souls is the use of this ideology in the press and media. The large for-profit media and press organizations use tools such as, books, television, newspapers, and even social media outlets to spread the idea that nonhumans are not able to think for themselves, in the suggestion of not having a will, awareness of themselves, others, to feel pain, or having a soul. Large for-profit corporations such as cheese, meat, animal by product industry’s pay to have mass advisement show happy and healthy cows. The practice of illustrating an image of a clean and wholesome farm is done to ensure that humans do not feel the naturally guilty emotions about eating a baby pig, or to deny the further desire to become education on the cow and leather industry and worse, to make us believe cows enjoy living on the farm and then are willing to be slaughtered for our consumption. Large and small advertisement companies paint this pictured idea for consumers that cows, livestock and other nonhumans are food, a product, and a form of property that we can buy, sell and use to our advantages on as long as they appear happy in a two-second video. We do not see them as a living, breathing, a soul that shares the same traits as human beings such as the need for water, food, companionship, the avoidance of pain and the will to survive. Without these shared traits with humans and nonhumans we would not be able to exist, for we would not be aware of our self’s, others, what we are capable of, and the impact that individuals have with their surroundings and in the world of which we co-exist in together. It is important for us humans to realize that nonhuman animals have a purpose on this earth and that purpose is to not be in confinement, a slave, or a product. A nonhuman has a will, a soul, and awareness of what needs to happen to ensure the survival of not only themselves but of what they need for their own cultured species to continue to survive the wild.  

Allow me to ask a question and to give you a moment to feel emotions. Would you eat a gray cat with bright green eyes? We as humans need to ask ourselves this question each time we think about eating a burger or are served one alongside other forms of nonhumans, and nonhumans by products. Often dogs and cats are invited into our families as a puppy, or a new born kitty, we treat it as we would a human child, we spend our working money, we feed and water the new family member. We give the nonhuman a name that matches their gender, color or personality. We love our dogs, we love our cats, and it brings a feeling of disgust when we think about biting the eat off a dog, watching a cat be skinned alive for our consumption, or paying someone else to kill a cat for another human to eat for dinner or use our dogs and cats as other forms of human profits. Though for a cow, we refuse to give the nonhuman the same rights as we would for a cat or a dog, yet scientific stories show that a cow is smarter, and more self-aware than a dog. If eating a cat, or a dog disgusts us, the conversation needs to start with “why do you eat a cow, but not a dog?” when they share the same characteristic traits of a cat before we eat our next burger from a cow. What we are humans are doing is building a wall of disbelieving, without witnessing or trying to see the truth. We are told by the media and our cultural norms that animals do not have souls, yet if we know that a dog and cat with bright green eyes has a soul, and we are disgusted by the idea of mistreating a dog and cat, why do we continue to allow the mistreating of cows and other livestock by the billions for human consumption and large retailers?

Animal activist hold many jobs, we are constantly at the ridicule of others, for their culture normal are not at equal with ours, we are slandered, we are hated for wanting others to see the truth. If we do not show our human souls to other earthlings of the planet, we are failing to be a voice for the voiceless. The ideology that animals do not have souls is one of the reasons why nonhumans are being used as slaves, are kept in confinement, abused and slaughtered for large corporations and human consumption. I urge everyone to be near a cow, to be open to emotions, love, and peace. If animals did not have souls they would not be able to comprehend love, or the ability to continue to live. Through the abuse and murder, they continue to selflessly provide for other earthlings. It is our job as an animal activist to raise awareness and to provide the truth so that we can end the suffering of souls who are being abused by the billions each year around the world.

Humane Slaughter: The Myth

Recently I had the privilege to stand next to a loud and busy highway to witness the last moments of a cow’s life while on a shipment truck before being slaughtered by what the meat and animal by product corporations would call a humane murder. Bearing Witness is an event that I and many other animal activists take part in across the world on a weekly or daily basis to educate ourselves on the truth of what nonhuman beings endure, to give the general human population meat, clothing, and other animal by products. During a bear witness event the group and I choose to stand alongside the trucks of which is transporting cows, sheep, poultry and other nonhuman livestock towards their destination and then once at the slaughterhouse removed from the trucks. We are there to bear witness to the innocent lives from the moment they are on the highway, until they reach their final destination in life as a living and breathing soul.

   After bearing witness for the first time, I saw the truth, that there is nothing kind, and nothing fast about the slaughter of a nonhumans life, especially when it comes to the meat and animal by products industry. Nonhumans are being breed by force to give big profit-making retailers and human consumers animal products and animal by products because we are choosing to feed ourselves and our families genetically modified food while there are many healthy, plant based alternatives for each item that is currently in your home that uses animal, or animal byproducts in their material and ingredient list. While being transported from (often) other states the cows are packed 50 – 80 a truck, no water or food is provided while standing or laying inside of the truck, no human care taker is to be seen ensuring the safe and careful transportation of the nonhuman beings. The cows and other livestock often come off the truck not only scared but also injured from rubbing against the truck walls, stepping on top of each other, sharing blood and fecal matter on each other’s face, body and coats, they often even break their bones such as legs since there are no protective measures given to ensure the safe transportation of livestock from the dairy farms to the slaughterhouses. There is nothing fast or humane about the meat industry, even during the transportation process. Often nonhumans endure days of transportation before arriving at the slaughterhouses. This is the truth. There is nothing humane in the business of nonhuman slaughter.

   After I had the privilege of bearing witness to the innocent lives of cows being slaughtered for their meat, skin, and bones I had additional questions for the meat industry that I wanted answers to. How are the cow’s being slaughtered behind the gates of which we as a group were denied access to? Why was no one willing to speak to me, and us? And why is there no information online, or readily available to the public about how an individual slaughterhouses murder their livestock for human consumption and animal by products? What is the slaughter house and other large profit corporations hiding from the public? If what we are doing for the cows is considered humane, why does it need to be kept in the dark?

   On august 19, 2017 I was able to find out how the cow’s were murdered at a specific slaughterhouse through time, research, patience, and people who were willing to speak to me with the promise of their identity being kept from public shame.  Though there are 5 different kinds of humane slaughter that the USDA has approved, each slaughter house is able to decide on the death of their own cows within the facility if it is a rapid death. One such popular method for cow slaughter in Oregon and Washington is a stun gun that is fired into the brains of the nonhuman. This procedure requires the cow’s to be retained into a machine that holds the head of the nonhuman still, while a human press a stunner gun to the animal’s center forehead. This method often fails and soon after requires an additional tool by a gun, using live bullets. According to the animal welfare groups that address humane slaughter there should never be vocalization from the cows, because once the cows vocalize they use this communicative ability to warn the others of the danger that is to come, or is close by. Causing the cow herd to become stressed, anxiety levels to heighten, and running, running can cause additional harm to the nonhumans since they are often in a locked indoor facility under non-natural lighting. Using a live bullet is loud, the sound echo’s and often requires more than one shot to end the nonhuman’s life. The other cows can hear, and will vocalize warnings to the herd. Though there are many methods to end a nonhuman’s life, this is one of the most widely used and considered one of the most humane. From the moment that the cows are born, until the end of their life. There is nothing humane or kind in any situation or methods when it comes to the animal products and by product industry.

 Over the past few months I have had the privilege of being a part of a local animal rights group and organization, after many months of bearing witness, research, speaking to butchers, animal activists, phone calls with the USDA I have found the truth, through seeing, reading, and speaking. There is nothing humane in humane slaughter of nonhumans. From the moment that a nonhuman’s life starts, until they are slaughter they are not seen as a living, breathing, and having a soul creature that we share the planet with as a fellow Earthling, instead nonhumans are property, and an item that large profit retailers can make money from regardless of how humane they are treated from birth, till death.


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